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If You’re Serious About Becoming
a Great Copywriter FAST — Then You
Need This Little-Known Resource
in Your Library NOW!

It’s the same tool that top copywriters
turn to when they want to see
what works … and why.

Now this powerful, professional resource
is available to you — anytime you need it.

I promise you, the impact it’ll have
on your copywriting career will be profound.

Dear Reader,

At last year’s bootcamp, I had the pleasure of having lunch with master copywriter and AWAI Board Member Bob Bly.

During the course of our talk, I asked him what any aspiring copywriter would ask, given the chance: What do I have to do to become a great copywriter?

Without missing a beat, he said there are two things you need to do.

The first one, of course, is to take Michael Masterson’s Accelerated copywriting program (just like you’re doing now) …

Then he told me to get out a pen — and write down a very special website address.

I did it.

Turns out it was the best advice any beginner like me could have asked for.

Suddenly, it all started to make sense!

It’s like a switch went off in my head — and almost instantly, I understood what great copy was all about. Immediately, I was writing stronger headlines and leads with less effort than ever before. My head was filled with great copywriting ideas. I struggled less. My writing was more fluid …

Suddenly … I was getting it!

Now I’m working in the business, getting real writing jobs that pay real money. In fact, I have two jobs in the hopper right now … and I just got a call about another new assignment, which I’m very excited about …

Things are really starting to happen for me faster than I ever imagined — and I’m convinced I wouldn’t be this far along had Bob not slipped me this little tip.

Now, before I explain … and tell you more about the resource Bob turned me on to … allow me to introduce myself.

My name is John Wood.

Like you, I’m just getting started in this business. And I have to say — I love it! After thinking about it for some time, I finally quit my job (which I hated) … and decided, come hell or high water, that I was going to be a great copywriter.

I’m not there yet, by any means. I still have much to learn. But now thanks to AWAI, I truly feel that I’m on my way. Now more than ever, I’m confident I can be one of the best copywriters out there. That’s my goal.

After all, I’ve seen the kind of lifestyle being a copywriter can bring. AWAI co-founder Paul Hollingshead is a friend of mine — and I watched him go from one job to another … never making much money … to now, where he’s living the life I’ve always dreamed of.

Truth be told, I’ve always been a little envious. Not anymore. That’s because now I feel like I have a unique advantage — an all-powerful “insider’s perspective” to what makes great copy great.

And it’s a perspective I’m positive I couldn’t have gotten had I not followed Bob’s advice.

But I’ve teased you enough. Allow me to share with you what Bob shared with me — something I firmly believe no copywriter should be without … regardless of where you are in your copywriting career.

It’s an invaluable resource from AWAI called Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection

And here’s why it can shave years off of the time it takes you to become a successful, in-demand copywriter …

The Secrets to What Makes the World’s Best Promos Tick

As an industry leader, AWAI has collected 64 home-run, often record-setting direct response letters and magalogs — each and every one is an industry control … some have mailed four or five years or more! But AWAI didn’t stop there. They also pinned down the writers for an exclusive interview. AND they brought in top marketing executives to analyze both the writing and design to give you an insider’s view into why each piece worked so well.

Just being exposed to these letters will help you in your career … just as they’ve helped me.

But you get more than just a great letter. The in-depth analysis of what it is that made the letter great has been a huge advantage in boosting my copywriting skills … and I know it will be for you, too.

For every letter, a team of professional marketers breaks down the featured promotion section by section. You’ll get their critique of the format, headlines, subheads, product positioning, bullets, offer, false close, actual close, order device … every element that goes into a winning package.

Let’s face it. It’s one thing to read a great headline. But it’s an entirely different thing to know why it’s great … the technique the writer used to make it so powerful and effective … and to know you can use that same technique the next time you sit down to write a headline.

By the time you get through reading the evaluation, you’ll have a full and clear understanding of not only what made the headline work — but also what made the entire package work so well. And you’ll have dozens of ideas about how you can apply that understanding to your own promotions.

In other words … you’ll get it!

That’s because the insights you’ll get from Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection are incredibly powerful. You’ll see how the master copywriters of our time craft letters that bring in hundreds of thousands — even millions — of dollars each and every time they’re mailed. You’ll see the tricks and techniques they use to capture and hold a reader’s interest — and how they turn a reader’s “passing interest” in a product into a “can’t-miss” sale.

Take this letter, for instance …

One Letter - $11 Million in Sales

It’s a letter Larry Crane — a master copywriter who’s sold billions of dollars worth of products throughout his 38-year copywriting career — wrote to sell his “release technique.” (A self-help program that allows everyday people to reach a level of excellence through the power of positive thinking.)

Why should you care about Larry Crane’s “release technique” letter? Well, since it began mailing several years ago it’s sold over 60,000 programs. And at $189 a-piece — that’s over $11 million in sales!

Copywriting Genius: The Master Collectionprovides you a breakdown of this hugely successful letter page by page. It shows you the proven headline-writing strategies Larry uses to grab the reader’s attention... points out how subtle little word choices can change your reader from a skeptical onlooker to an excited buyer … and reveals little tricks to appeal directly to the reader’s senses, and keep him reading.

You’ll also discover how Larry takes customer testimonials to whole new levels — and how he’s mastered the technique of writing to a very specific market.

Talk about copywriting gold …

But Larry isn’t the only master copywriter to reveal his personal secrets through this impressive collection of master letters …

The Master Collection Puts Master-Level
Techniques Right at Your Fingertips

When you order Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection, it’s like having your own private library of the world’s most successful promotions — along with all the secrets that made them work so well!

For instance:

I could go on and on about the advanced copywriting secrets you’ll learn by reading and studying the promotions featured in Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection.

But there’s something else you get … something I found just as enlightening as the critiques and analysis …

Direct From the Writer to You—Top Copy Secrets Revealed

For each letter featured in The Master Collection, you get an in-depth and revealing interview with the writer of the letter!

If you ask me, this is the “genius” part of Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection.

Why? Think about it for a minute …

How powerful is it for any budding copywriter to (1) see all the best and most powerful sales letters written in recent memory (2) know precisely what made them work so well, and then (3) hear first hand deep, powerful, and useful insights from the copywriter who wrote them?

It’s like getting right inside the heads of the greatest copywriters of our day!

For instance …

Before I added Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection to my library, my writing tended to be stiff and rigid. It’s a common problem for new writers. But then I read Donna Baier Stein’s little secret for making copy more conversational … more readable.

Sure enough, when I put it to work in my copy, my letters suddenly had a much more personal feel to them.

Marketing managers started to comment on how much more sincere my letters are sounding these days … and how much more powerful that new “voice” has made my letters. Plus, I noticed this happy little extra benefit.

The more I use Donna’s techniques, the easier my letters “flowed onto the page”, which means I’m writing more copy in less time!

But that’s not all.

Making Complicated Things Seem Simple

One of the most difficult challenges any new copywriter faces is trying to make complicated products and sophisticated ideas seem interesting and compelling. It happens a lot when you write about financial products or weighty health issues. Not handled properly, this can be a real “stopper” in your copy.

Fortunately, I came across a simple technique for “making complicated things seem simple” … so that anyone can understand them and embrace them. And since I plan to write for both the highly lucrative financial and health markets, I now have a little trick I can pull out of the bag the rest of my writing career …

Like me, you’re just now learning how making that all-important emotional connection with the reader is crucial to your letter’s success. After all, if your readers don’t like you, or trust you, or sincerely believe you want to help them with your product — they’re not likely to buy from you …

But making that connection requires a special “writer’s touch” — like the kind Ted Kikoler is known for throughout the industry. In letter #8 of Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection, Ted reveals his amazingly simple technique for establishing an almost instant “unbreakable bond” with the reader. Master this technique and you’ll never write a bad letter.

A Surefire Technique for Getting Started

Did you ever sit down to start a project and end up staring at a blank page for hours? I sure did — until I read Parris Lampropoulos’s never-fail technique for starting a promo. It’s a technique that gets you writing and on the right track in minutes. Needless to say, this is a little trick I use every time I sit down to write a letter.

You know, I’ve read all 64 letters in The Master Collection. I’ve read the critiques and interviews … up and down, from start to finish. There’s not one that hasn’t taught me something that moves me several rungs up the learning ladder.

And if I’m ever stuck, it’s just a matter of browsing through the letters, scanning the interviews … and picking up that one tidbit, that one little secret, that one powerful technique that unlocks the creative juices.

So many secrets are revealed in this awesome library of copywriting gold — secrets that can have a profound effect on your career as a copywriter. For example …

There are many more secrets you’re sure to uncover as you dive into the website and browse through each and every control-beating promotion and groundbreaking interview.

And here’s something else … something Paul said when I told him I was going to sit down and tell you about Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection.

A Resource the Pros Are Using Too

He told me that The Master Collectionis fast becoming the resource many of the top copywriters in the business use religiously … people like Don Mahoney, John Forde, Bob Bly, Justin Ford, and dozens of others.

Only makes sense. No matter how successful you are, you can always learn from other people’s successes …

But there’s another reason The Master Collection is so popular among professional copywriters. And that’s because it’s an excellent way to know what kind of letters work for different audiences, different industries, and different circumstances!

And it’s true …

Discover What Works in your Market

Writing a good letter in the health industry is very different from writing a successful letter in the financial industry. You have to know what approach will work best for the project at hand.

If the economy’s good, for example, people will respond to a different kind of letter than when the economy’s struggling. And people looking for the latest and greatest health product might respond differently than people hoping to find the next, hot self-help publication. Because The Master Collection features only the “grand-slam homeruns” I told you about earlier, you’re able to get an excellent feel for what works for different markets and different circumstances.

No question, Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection is a great product — the ideal companion to the accelerated copywriting program you’re working on now.

I can tell you from first-hand experience — the knowledge … the information … the secrets you’ll get from it will make you a far better copywriter, much faster than you ever thought possible.

But I’m not the only one who thinks every copywriter should have Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection. Take a look at what these copywriters have to say …

“One of the best ways to stay ahead in direct mail is to study the secrets of your best and biggest competitors. I’ve always done it the hard way, wading through the muck and hoping to find the gems. But Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection makes it easy ... maybe too easy! It’s like having ’cheat sheet’ access to what all the best in the business are doing."

- John Forde / copywriter

“To be successful, there are three things that a direct-response copywriter MUST know: what works; what doesn’t work; and why. That’s what makes Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection so incredibly valuable. It gives you these insights — along with the complete text of the promotion - commentary from the copywriter - and expert analysis. The cost of getting this information anywhere else? Staggering.”

- Steve Slaunwhite /copywriter & author

“The insights you’ll get from Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection will make you a much stronger copywriter … and leapfrog you ahead of your peers faster than you ever thought possible. The research tips I learned from master copywriter Peter Betuel will save me 100 hours a year. Understanding what made Clayton Makepeace’s hugely successful magalog for Weiss Publishing work helped me through some trouble I was having with my last project. I don’t care how much experience you have — this resource is must reading for any copywriter who’s serious about his or her career.”

- Paul Hollingshead / copywriter

"Anyone serious about making money as a copywriter needs this terrific resource. It’s insightful, educational, inspiring, and practical."

— Joe Vitale / copywriter & author

Did you read that last quote? “Anyone serious about making money as a copywriter” needs Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection. And that’s from one of the best copywriters in the business!

The Cost Will Surprise You

Now you’re probably thinking that a resource this useful, this comprehensive and this thorough must be expensive. All the time spent tracking down the best promos — all the time spent by top AWAI copywriters (including Michael Masterson himself, Bob Bly, Don Mahoney, and Paul) breaking them down and figuring out what makes them tick. Then tracking down the writer, asking those probing, revealing questions … and then getting it all onto the website so it’s easy for you to read and follow …

And then there’s the added value to you as an up-and-coming copywriter. Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection is an invaluable resource you’ll always have at your fingertips … a literal “treasure trove” of inspiration and ideas … Just think, if The Master Collectioncan help you launch your career just a little earlier - or write just two extra controls a year — it could put anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 in your pocket.

That’s why when I first heard about The Master Collection I thought to myself, "Wow! This thing’s great, but it’s got to be expensive."

But I was shocked when Katie Yeakle, AWAI’s Executive Director, told me the price: just $497! That’s less than $10 an issue … and that includes the analysis and the interview with the writer.

Then she told me why. The reason’s ridiculously simple. You see, AWAI succeeds when you and I succeed. And if AWAI can make Copywriting Genius: The Master Collectionaffordable enough so that more of their members can get it … and then succeed because of it … it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

At $497, The Master Collection alone is a screaming deal, but AWAI didn’t stop there …

Resources You’ll Use Forever!

To make sure you have every advantage in building a successful copywriting career, AWAI through in five valuable bonuses. They’re powerful resources you can add to your copywriting library. Keep them close at hand because each of them is filled with indispensable bits of wisdom and advice you can return to and use throughout your copywriting career.


First off, there’s “Copywriting Tricks of the Trade: 50 Essential Secrets That Every Copywriter Should Know.”Much of being a successful copywriter is about following certain tried, tested, and proven rules. In this special report, you’ll learn 50 of the most powerful tips, techniques, and secrets that can transform an ordinary letter into a great one, including:

But that’s not all. Next you get …


“The Power of Selling: The Art of Copywriting Above and Beyond the Direct-Mail Sales Letter.” Let there be no mistake about it. The ability to sell is the most important wealth-building skill you’ll ever have. In this special report, Michael Masteron reveals his secrets for selling anything to anyone. Among them:

Plus, you’ll get …


“The Power of Persuasion: How to Get What You Want From Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.” Ever wonder why some people seem to have a knack for getting people to see things their way? It’s not luck. Whether they know it or not they have “the power of persuasion.” Now you can have it too, thanks to this brand new report. In it, you’ll learn:


Core Strategies of Successful Copywriting. Just as a sound building needs certain things - a good foundation, strong walls, and a solid roof — the same is true of a successful sales letter. This report reveals — in no-nonsense terms — exactly what your sales letter needs. Read it before every promo you start, and learn:


“75 All-Star Secrets for Writing Winning Copy.”AWAI believes you can never have enough tips from the pros. Not that you have to use them all in every letter … but if just one inspires you to write a great letter, it’s worth reading. That’s why this report is such a great resource. It recaps the 75 most-important things you need to know as a copywriter — quickly and concisely – complete with real-life examples that drive the message home in an instant.

You’ll see examples of Big Idea promotions … personal and “conversational” writing … ”fascination” teasers that force your readers to read more … the secret of transubstantiation … and much, much more.

In all, that gives you five additional resources you can use immediately to turbo-charge your copywriting career — and make you a far stronger writer so much faster. All together, these five bonuses sell for just under $124. But they’re yours when you order Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection.

How does it work?

It works like this …

Subscribe and you’ll be sent your private password to the Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection website. You’ll have access to every issue, to every analysis, to every interview, and to the five valuable bonuses guaranteed to inspire you to new heights of copywriting success.

But that’s not all. You’ll also get immediate access to twenty special reports … the $20k Secret Series. Each report contains an in-depth look at a copywriting secret that has the potential to boost your income by $20,000 within the next year.

I promise you, this is by far the best $497 that you can spend on your copywriting career. It’s like being personally mentored by dozens of industry masters for just a fraction of the price you’d pay to be coached by any one of them.

And if you disagree — no problem!

Of Course, Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

Take 30 days to look over the letters, critiques and interviews. Use the tips and strategies you’ll find there — along with the ones you’ll find in your 5 free bonuses and in the twenty $20k Secret reports.

If you don’t think Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection is worth every penny, just call, email or write the folks at AWAI. They’ll refund every penny you paid. No questions asked. And, as we like to say in our business, the five bonus reports are yours to keep just for giving The Master Collection a try!

So what are you waiting for?

From one up-and-coming copywriter to another: take Bob Bly’s advice — and the advice of so many copywriters who are already benefiting from this extraordinary resource …

Click below to get Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection working for you now!


John Wood
Fellow Aspiring Copywriter

Order Now!

P.S. Order The Master Collection now. I speak from experience: You won’t find a better resource for becoming a better copywriter faster. It’s like being in a high-speed elevator to the top — while everyone else is in the slow car!

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